A Message from Our CEO - May 2024

Introducing Our New Vision, Mission, & Values!

Dear friends,

Over the past two years, members of all parts of the Gemma community participated in a strategic visioning process, reflecting on Gemma’s past, taking stock of our present, and envisioning all the ways that Gemma can accompany members of our community well into the future. We are proud to announce our new vision and mission that illustrate our deep belief in the importance of every individual.

At Gemma, we envision a world where every person knows they matter.

Life’s challenges can be too complex to face alone and leave people feeling isolated and like they don’t matter. Whether a third grader struggling to read, a teenager experiencing anxiety due to family difficulties, an adult unsure how to parent a young child with challenging behaviors, or a child who has experienced trauma and needs healing support – people come to Gemma when they need someone by their side to say: “We’ve got you.”

Our new tagline, Because You Matter, captures our belief in this simple yet profound message that has the power to change lives. When we accompany people with our individualized approach, they feel supported. When people feel supported as they face life’s challenges, they will know they matter.

Our new mission is to accompany people of all ages through life’s challenges using individualized, data-informed support. We see examples of our mission in action every day in our special education school and behavioral and mental health, child welfare, and prevention programs.

We also share our newly defined set of values: UNITED.

  • We are Unlimited in our belief in the potential of all with whom we work and in all the ways Gemma can help our community.
  • We are Nimble as an organization in adapting to challenges.
  • We are Inspired by our mission and by our community.
  • We are Transparent and seek to learn.
  • We continually strive to be Effective in our work, and
  • We welcome Diverse perspectives.

As we share these changes with our entire community, we are reminded of an ever-present constant: you are an essential part of Gemma and your friendship matters. With your help, Gemma is creating a world where youth and families feel seen, where every individual knows they matter and that Gemma is here to accompany them on their journey.

Thank you for being part of our community.

With appreciation,


Kristen E.M. Gay, Ph.D.
President and CEO