At Martin Luther School, the student is at the heart of learning. Across our curriculum, students participate in challenging activities designed to engage their interests and create opportunities to discover new passions and talents. We develop four crucial 21st Century skills: collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. These skills are vital for students to become life-long learners in our rapidly changing world.



Our core belief is that learning deepens when students think, talk, read, and write about authentic texts across many different instructional contexts. Our curriculum is supported by Fountas and Pinnel’s Classroom collection and the Wilson Language program.


Our program, aligned to the PA Core Standards, emphasizes procedural skills and conceptual understanding to ensure students are learning and applying the critical information to succeed at higher levels.


Science lessons are taught authentically in a designated lab space. The curriculum follows broad themes that include life, physical, and earth sciences. As a supplement, the lab currently has a 3D printer, SmartBoard, and a variety of electronic devices.


Our curriculum follows broad themes, including geography, economics, government, and historical analysis skills and applications.


Our exploratory music program provides a full musical landscape and exposes children to a variety of genres and instruments.


Our multimedia arts program helps students develop artistic skills by cultivating creative expression and understanding textures, shapes, and colors.


The health and physical education curriculum follows the American Standards for Health Safety and Physical Education. The curriculum provides the student with the knowledge base and skills that enable them to achieve and maintain a physically active and healthy life.


Our Media Specialist manages and sources current books and best practices within this realm. All classes have equal access to both regularly scheduled library time as well as just in time research opportunities.


Students use technology as a regular part of daily instruction. Also, we offer technology platforms created to support and extend our students' academic work.