A Message from Our CEO - May 2024


accompanying people through life's challenges

At Gemma, we help people know they matter by accompanying them through hard times. We provide education, mental health services in residential and community settings, foster family care, adoption and permanency services, and prevention programs for thousands of individuals each year.

We envision a world where every person knows they matter.

our mission

Gemma accompanies people of all ages through life’s challenges using individualized, data-informed support.

who we accompany

We provide steadfast support and embrace evidence-based and data-informed, individualized services for those in our communities who are experiencing difficulties, including emotional and behavioral challenges. People we accompany often need educational support or are impacted by loss, mental health struggles, unexpected circumstances, or serious traumas such as abuse and neglect.

our values

Residential Treatment Program provides 24/7 clinical treatment and trauma-focused care for youth ages 6 to 14 who have experienced loss, trauma and significant challenges, and whose behaviors are presently too unsafe for them to live in the community. We partner with parents and guardians during their child’s or teen’s participation in our program. Our goal is to provide healing treatment and teach new skills so youth can be safe and successful in their homes and communities. Residential services are offered in Plymouth Meeting.

Education is provided through Martin Luther School, an Approved Private School located in Plymouth Meeting. We believe in the unlimited potential of every student. Our overall objective is to help them reach their academic and social and emotional learning goals. Martin Luther School is a licensed, private academic school for students in Kindergarten through 12th grades who need an out-of-district placement with additional supports. Our students are referred from more than 40 school districts and Charter Schools throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, and also include many youth who are participating in Gemma’s Residential Treatment Program.

Community Based Programs include foster family care, adoption and permanency, outpatient mental health services, specialized mental health support in home, school, or community settings, and in-home prevention programs. Our goal is to accompany people of all ages so they know they matter, and to help strengthen our communities.