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A Message from Our School Director | November 2021

From the Desk of Ms. Eva:

Dear MLS Families,

We meet as a school staff every week, and lately, we have been starting with book talks. This is a time for someone to share a book they particularly enjoy. At MLS, we believe that it is essential for adults to model the behavior they want to see in children. So we walk the talk – – we are becoming a reading-forward school. I ask people all the time why we are teaching our students how to read. I get all kinds of responses that include so that they can get good grades, so they can complete the assignment, or so that they can be successful at school. The truth is that we teach students how to read so that they can read! Simple as it sounds, reading is one of the most important skills we can give to our students. No matter what they might encounter, reading allows kids to access any information they might need, opens a new world of ideas yet to be discovered, and more importantly, it is an activity that is just plain good for everyone. This Thanksgiving season, I am very grateful for all the ways we partner with you, our MLS families, to help our students become amazing readers!

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Eva R. Morrison

Eva R. Morrison, M.ED. | School Director, Martin Luther School
Vice President of Education, Gemma Services

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