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A Message from Our School Director | January 2022

From the Desk of Ms. Eva:

Dear MLS Families,

This month, we celebrate our January national holiday — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Our Dean of Students, Mr. Robert Love, captured the day with this message to our staff:

As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I encourage everyone to take some time to review or listen to the entire speech that Dr. King gave on that day, August 28, 1963. We are all very familiar with the selection “I have a dream.” If you listen to the speech in its entirety, which is about sixteen minutes long, you will notice that some of the issues Dr. King spoke about are the same concerns we share in 2022. I challenge you all as we attempt the fulfillment of the entire message. For those of you who are involved in some type of community activities on his birthday, thank you! Enjoy this day and know that the struggle continues to be real, but the group here at Martin Luther School strives to be better.

We do indeed strive to be better at Martin Luther School. Our Leadership Team’s goals are aligned to each of our big ideas:

  • Instructing the Mind = High Expectations and High Support for ALL
  • Engaging the Heart = Racial Justice and Cultural Proficiency
  • Empowering the Will = Consistency of Expectations

We are committed to working together with our staff, students and you, our families, to live out the ideals of Dr. King’s legacy.

Please click here to read our full MLS Messenger Newsletter for January!

Eva Morrison

Eva R. Morrison, M.ED. | School Director, Martin Luther School
Vice President of Education, Gemma Services

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