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A Message from Our Principal | Feb 2022

From the Desk of Mr. Rafiq:

Dear Martin Luther School Students and Families,

When I was in school, the only time that I was introduced to the contributions of African Americans was during the month of February. This was culturally insensitive to the few African American students in the school- as if we only mattered one month out of twelve! At Martin Luther School, we make it a practice to observe the contributions of African Americans as well as of all peoples throughout the school year. We design learning goals through our culturally sensitive curriculum. Our administration recognizes that honoring a specific group of people during one month out of twelve falls short of the mark. We are committed to demonstrating school-wide cultural proficiency as we continue to strive for racial justice. Our teachers will continue to incorporate the contributions of African Americans into their lessons this month; however, there will not be an emphasis on doing so each day because we already do it all year long. Our hope at Martin Luther School is that while we continue to educate our students on being culturally aware, our society too will be reminded that we need to do better recognizing and treating people accordingly through a culturally responsive lens each and every day.

Mr. Rafiq Williams

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Rafiq Williams| Principal, Martin Luther School

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