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A Message from Our School Director | October 2021

From the Desk of Ms. Eva:

Dear MLS Families,

When we started this school year, I knew there would be challenges. Still, I was not expecting to spend hours becoming an expert in negotiating COVID-19 and getting our students routed for transportation. The MLS Admin team weighs all the options to keep our students and staff safe at each turn. Our primary goal is to provide high expectations for academics as well as social and emotional growth. We are very fortunate to have the expert guidance of the Gemma Services Healthcare team, who have been tremendous partners as we streamline our approach. To keep you updated, we will be sharing a weekly MLS Dashboard so that you can easily see our COVID statistics. Some features include:

  • At-a-glance status of staff and students with COVID symptoms and positive cases
  • Color-coded warning system (green – yellow – red)
  • Status of staff and students home due to symptoms or positive status

We have done an outstanding job mitigating transmissions by adhering to our MLS COVID Protocols. We are beyond appreciative for your support as you continue to:

  • Use our screener and keep your students home
  • Communicate with us about anyone in your household experiencing symptoms
  • Support you student’s virtual learning

Busses! We are equally frustrated as you are by the bussing situation. We have been firm advocates working with each District and transportation company. They are all facing a staffing crisis. As we move forward, MLS is exploring other ways to make sure students get to school. Please don’t stop working with your LEA to advocate for timely transportation!

Despite these challenges, it is a joy to see the children in school. They are engaged and learning how to be amazing readers, writers, mathematicians, artists, musicians, and to do all the beautiful things they get to do and dream of while at school. Our students are our joy, and we love seeing them every day (in-person or virtually)! MLS will not be deterred from our vision: instructing the mind, engaging the heart, and empowering the will. We are honored to partner with you and watch as your student grows and learns!

Please click here to read our full MLS Messenger Newsletter for October!

Eva R. Morrison

Eva R. Morrison, M.ED. | School Director, Martin Luther School
Vice President of Education, Gemma Services

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