A Message from Our CEO - May 2024

Introducing Gemma Services!

In spring 2019, we announced that the Boards of Directors of Silver Springs – Martin Luther School and theVillage, following an extensive exploratory process, voted in favor of uniting to operate as one single organization serving children, youth, and families in the Philadelphia region. The merger enables our previously-separate organizations to continue their vital work well into the future, and expand their missions and continuum of care. Together, theVillage and Silver Springs will help more children and families in need, and in more ways.

We are excited to share the merger was finalized on November 1, 2019. Our combined organization has been transitioning to our new “doing business as” name of Gemma Services.

Why Gemma? The answer to that question can be found in the dual meaning of the word.

In nature, a gemma is a young plant that grows and thrives independently, often after a disruption such as a rainstorm. In Italian, gemma means gem, or precious stone.

When considering the work we do, promoting hope and healing through mental health services, education, and specialized support for vulnerable and at-risk children and families, we feel the meaning behind our new name reaffirms our belief that those we serve are absolutely precious and nothing is more important than creating and cultivating an environment where they are given the opportunity to grow, flourish, and shine.

Martin Luther School and the Preheim Center retain their names as part of Gemma Services.

Now that the merger has been finalized, Kristen Gay, Ph.D., continues in the role of President and CEO of Gemma Services. Michael Kellerman, formerly President and CEO of theVillage, became Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Gemma Services. The combined entity continues to offer its programs and services at all existing sites. Most importantly, Gemma Services, inspired by the long legacies and faith-based histories of theVillage and Silver Springs, will continue to promote hope and healing.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.