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A Message from Our CEO

Dear friend,

At Gemma, we envision a world where every person knows they matter, and we are dedicated to bringing this vision to life in all we do. Consider a time when you were faced with adversity and felt alone, despairing, or even fearful. Picture having someone by your side to accompany you through that challenging time who understands what you are experiencing and will be there for you along the way. Knowing that you are not alone and that you matter is truly empowering and can be life changing.

We strive to ensure that all people who come to Gemma experience that same feeling of accompaniment and profound sense of support. We want them to know that “We’ve got you.” Our dedicated teams work tirelessly to achieve this goal every day.

Here are a few reflections shared by children and families about how they know they matter at Gemma:

  • “All the staff help me a lot. At any point I can ask a question. I feel inspired, and they push us to be better.” ~ Student, Martin Luther School, age 13
  • “The social worker I worked with knew my son. He wasn’t just words on a piece of paper. If you went to her, she could talk about my son the same way I could talk about my son.” ~ Parent, Adoption & Permanency Services
  • “The staff make you feel special and like you are the only one there, that you have somebody there for you, who will listen and care about you.” ~ Youth, Residential Treatment Program, age 14

The support of countless friends has been instrumental in enabling Gemma to accompany more than 3,000 children, families, and individuals through life’s challenges each year. As 2023 comes to a close, we hope you will consider a donation to Gemma once again. Together, we will continue to be a beacon of hope for those in our communities who are facing challenges, assuring them that they truly matter.

In appreciation,

Kristen E.M. Gay, Ph.D.
President and CEO